Collection: Table Toppers

Decorate Easily and Beautifully for Fans with These Gorgeous Table Top Cardboard Cut Outs. 

Take your celebrations to the next level with Table Top Packs! Miniature versions of popular life-size cardboard cutouts, they're an ideal addition to themed parties, events, wedding centerpieces, and more.

Get 30 packs for a franchise-specific display box, and for easy shipping, they can be sent in an A4 envelope.

Collectors and fans will appreciate these mini standees, and you’ll appreciate the extra spark at any event.

Table Top aka Table Toppers Cardboard Cutouts

Star Cutouts Table Toppers are the perfect way to add a unique and personal touch to any home, event, product launch, or shop.

Featuring a diverse range of licensed characters, such as Shrek, Minions, Elvis, and Jurassic World, they are sure to bring delight to any age.