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TT009 Jurassic World Dino's Table Topper Pack (8 cut-outs)

TT009 Jurassic World Dino's Table Topper Pack (8 cut-outs)

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🦖 Roar-some Jurassic World Dinosaur Table Topper Pack! 🌴🦕

Turn your party or event into a thrilling prehistoric adventure with our TT009 Jurassic World Dinosaurs Table Topper Pack! Get ready to travel back in time and meet some of the most iconic dinosaurs from the movie franchise! 🌟🦖

🌟 Dinosaur Lineup: This pack includes an exciting assortment of dinosaurs: 1x T. Rex (25cm), 1x Indominus Rex (20cm), 1x Raptor (15cm), 1x Ankylosaurus (19cm), 1x Gallimimus (20cm), 1x Triceratops (18cm), and 2x Mini T. Rex (7.5cm). Perfect for creating a Jurassic World scene that will thrill guests of all ages! 🌳🌟

🎉 Great Entertainment: Whether you're hosting a dinosaur-themed birthday party, setting up room decorations, or planning an epic event, these lifelike cardboard cutouts will add excitement and fun to the occasion! 🎈🎉

Jurassic World Table Tops Mini Cardboard Cutouts on table at event

Effortless Setup: Assemble the dinosaurs in seconds and use them immediately to create an immersive and action-packed environment! These table toppers look amazing on display - from tables and birthday cakes to home or office desks. 🎂🌿

🌿 Sustainable and Durable: Made from high-quality and environmentally friendly cardboard, these dinosaurs are built to last and provide hours of enjoyment for kids and adults alike! 🌍🌱

🌟 Star Cutouts Quality: As a trusted brand, Star Cutouts ensures top-notch quality and ingenious photo realism in all our products. These dinosaurs will transport you right into the thrilling world of Jurassic World! 🌠🦕

🦕 Incredible Talking Point: Watch as your guests marvel at these lifelike dinosaurs, sparking imaginative play and captivating conversations about the fascinating world of dinosaurs! 🗣️🦖

Transform any space into a prehistoric paradise with our TT009 Jurassic World Dinosaurs Table Topper Pack. It's perfect for parties, room decorations, events, and even educational displays. Unleash the magic of the Jurassic era today! 🌄🌟🦕 

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