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SC976 Wizard of OZ Stand-In Emerald City Cardboard Cut Out Height 130cm

SC976 Wizard of OZ Stand-In Emerald City Cardboard Cut Out Height 130cm

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🌈 SC976 Wizard of Oz Stand-In: Relive the Magic of Emerald City! 🌟

Step into the enchanting world of the Wizard of Oz with the SC976 Wizard of OZ Stand-In Emerald City Cardboard Cut Out. Standing at a height of 130cm, this stand-in offers a portal to a timeless tale, allowing you to celebrate in style or meet your favourite characters right in your own home.



🌟 An Enchanting Celebration and Photo Opportunity 🌟

Celebrate with a touch of magic and excitement as you step into the shoes of Dorothy, the Lion, or any beloved character from the Wizard of Oz. Create lasting memories by decorating your space and taking incredible photos that capture the essence of this classic masterpiece.

βœ” A Stand-In that Stands Out βœ”

Our stand-in doesn't just capture attention; it captures hearts. Whether placed alone or alongside other cutouts, it becomes an incredible focal point that adds a touch of whimsy to any setting.

🌟 Effortless Assembly and Storage 🌟

Recreate the magic within seconds. Our stand-in is designed for ease, with a simple pop-out, unfold easel, and erect process. And when the adventure comes to an end, it folds away effortlessly for convenient storage and delivery.

πŸŽ‰ A Talking Point that Delights All Ages πŸŽ‰

Be prepared for conversations that revolve around the land of Oz. This stand-in becomes a delightful topic that spans generations, igniting conversations and smiles among guests of all ages.

✨ Stay Updated with the Best Quality ✨

At Star Cutouts, we're committed to supplying you with the best, most beautiful quality printed images available. Our cardboard cutouts consistently bring magic and joy to your space.

🌈 Follow the Yellow Brick Road and Relive the Magic! 🌈

Transform into Dorothy and the Lion, pose with the scarecrow and Tin Man, and relive the timeless magic of the Wizard of Oz. This masterpiece isn't just for birthdays – it's a gift that brings nostalgia and wonder to grandparents, parents, and the young at heart.

🌟 Wizard of Oz Fans, Your Perfect Gift Awaits! 🌟

Whether you're seeking the best gift, the best birthday decoration, or the best Wizard of Oz merchandise, this stand-in holds the key to a world of enchantment and joy.

🌈 Walk Down the Yellow Brick Road Today! 🌈 

From memorable decorations to magical interactions, our Wizard of Oz Stand-In adds an extra touch of sparkle to your celebrations. Embrace the wonder – explore our collection now! 🌟  

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