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Cardboard Cutouts: A Guide to Sizes

Step into the World of Cardboard Cutouts with Star Cutouts!

When it comes to adding excitement, personality, and a touch of magic to any event or space, nothing does it better than cardboard cutouts. At Star Cutouts, we offer a diverse selection of sizes and styles to suit all your needs and preferences. Let's explore the different sizes of cardboard cutouts available:

Star Mini Cardboard Cutouts:  Image of various Star Mini cutouts featuring popular characters like Mickey Mouse, Stormtroopers, and Puss in Boots from Shrek.

 1. Star Mini Maximum Height: 96cm Our Star Mini cardboard cutouts are small, adorable, and perfect for adding fun to any space. From beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and Stormtroopers to animated favorites like minions and Puss in Boots from Shrek, these compact cutouts accurately reflect the characters' heights. They stand at a maximum height of 96cm, making them a delightful addition to your home, office, or party décor. Whether you want to surprise your little one with their favourite Disney character or add a touch of charm to your living room, the Star Mini collection has something for everyone. Check out our Star Mini Lady and The Tramp and Star Mini Star Wars Chewbacca to bring a smile to your face and a sense of wonder to your space!

Child Size Stand In A themed party setting with kids interacting with the stand-ins in a photo boot


2. Child Size Stand-Ins Maximum Height: 136cm Bring the magic of your favourite characters to life with our child size stand-ins. These life-sized cardboard cutouts resemble children and are perfect for themed parties, photo booths, and kids' bedrooms. With a maximum height of 136cm, they offer a sense of wonder and excitement to any event. Imagine your little ones posing as their favourite princess, superhero, or beloved animated figure – the possibilities for creativity and fun are endless. Whether it's a birthday party, a playdate, or a themed gathering, the Child Size Stand-Ins are sure to create magical moments and cherished memories. Explore our Frozen Stand-In Child Size and Avengers Assemble Child Stand-In, along with the popular Jungle Stand-In Child featuring lion, monkey, giraffe, and cartoon characters. Watch their faces light up as they step into the shoes of their favourite heroes!


Oversize Stand-Ins:  People at a party or event using oversize stand-ins to pose as Hollywood stars, superheroes, or other iconic characters.


3. Oversize Stand-Ins Maximum Height: 195cm x 120cm Elevate your party to a whole new level with our oversize stand-ins! These larger-than-life cardboard cutouts feature a hole where you can insert your face, creating an interactive and fun experience. With a maximum height of 195cm and a width of 120cm, they provide an impressive presence at any event. Whether you want to walk the red carpet as a Hollywood star or transform into a powerful superhero, the Oversize Stand-Ins are your ticket to becoming the star of the show. The possibilities for creativity and entertainment are limitless – perfect for birthday parties, corporate gatherings, or themed celebrations. Check out our Red Carpet Hollywood Couple Stand-In for a taste of the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, and the always popular Sea Side Couple Stand-In, We also have official stand-ins like Superman Selfie Stand-In and funny options like Muscle Man Stand-In to add humour and excitement to your gatherings.

Official Stand-Ins:  Official licensed stand-ins featuring characters from popular movies, TV shows, and franchises like Superman and Marvel Avengers.


Why Choose Star Cutouts? At Star Cutouts, we take pride in offering the best range of cardboard cutout stand-ins in the market. Our products are created using innovative technology to ensure top-notch quality. We understand the importance of creating memorable experiences and making every event special. With easy assembly and immediate use, you and your guests can start enjoying the fun right away. Whether you're a parent looking to surprise your child or an event planner seeking to elevate your party to the next level, our cardboard cutouts are the perfect solution. From birthday parties to corporate events, our stand-ins are guaranteed to add excitement and entertainment for fans of all ages. We can even make personalised cardboard cutouts of all these product sizes, allowing you to bring your imagination to life and create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

Custom Personalized Cardboard Cutouts:  Images of custom-made cardboard cutouts featuring faces of customers or event attendees, showing the unique and personalized touch.

Get Ready for Memorable Moments! Whether you want to strike a pose with your favourite character, walk the red carpet as a Hollywood star, or create a fun-filled atmosphere at your party, Star Cutouts has the perfect cardboard cutout for you. Our extensive selection of sizes, designs, and themes ensures that there's something for everyone. Let the magic begin as you and your guests step into the world of cardboard cutouts, creating unforgettable memories and cherished moments. Explore our incredible selection of sizes and designs today, and let the excitement begin! 

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