Animal Cardboard Cutouts

Animal Cardboard Cutouts

Animal Event and Party Decorations

 Transform your party into an animal adventure with our realistic and lifesize cardboard cutouts. Featuring tigers, meerkats and penguins, our animal party decorations bring a wild atmosphere to the celebration. With our cutouts, make memories that'll stay with your guests without the mess of real animals!

This Meerkat Cardboard Cutout is super cute.

 Did you know meerkats live together in burrows? Make this and other fun facts part of the gathering with our decorations.Meerkat Cardboard Cutout

What are Animal Cardboard Cutouts?
Imagine a world where animals come to life in the form of cardboard cutouts. These quirky creations are not just your ordinary flat pieces of cardboard. They are three-dimensional, life-sized replicas of your favourite animals. From majestic lions to adorable penguins, these cutouts bring a touch of adventure to any space.

Why Should You Get an Animal Cardboard Cutout?
Well, let's be honest, who wouldn't want a life-sized cardboard gorilla chilling in their living room? Animal cardboard cutouts are the perfect addition to any home, office, or event. They add a unique and playful touch to your surroundings, instantly turning any space into a wild adventure.

This Animal Party Decor is great for creating a realistic jungle theme. Featuring vivid cutouts of a gorilla, lion, and Bengal tiger, these decorations can be hung on the wall or used as props that bring the outdoors into your festivities.

 Perfect for a wild animal birthday party, these decorations are sure to create a lasting memory. This party decor is extremely versatile, allowing you to choose the perfect placement for your decorations.

Create Amazing Animal Displays
With its realistic colours and designs, your guests will feel as if they are truly walking through a jungle. Let your imagination run wild with this set of Animal Party Decor.

A Story of Animal Cardboard Cutouts

Once upon a time, in a small town called Cardboardville, there lived a group of animal cardboard cutouts. They were tired of standing still all day, posing for pictures and being used as props. They longed for adventure and excitement.

One day, a mischievous child named Max discovered the secret of the cardboard cutouts. He realized that if he spoke the magic words, "Abracadabra Cardboardia," the cutouts would come to life. Max couldn't believe his eyes as the animals jumped off their stands and started exploring the world around them.

The cardboard lion roared with delight as he ran through the streets, scaring away pigeons and causing a commotion. The cardboard penguin waddled its way to the local ice cream shop, demanding a scoop of fish-flavoured ice cream.

The End, or is it?
And so, the adventures of the animal cardboard cutouts continue. Every day brings new surprises and laughter as they explore the world around them. Whether it's a trip to the local park or a visit to the grocery store, these cardboard creatures never fail to bring a smile to people's faces.

Gorilla Cardboard Cutout
 Gorilla Cardboard Cutout
Fun Fact - There are two species of gorilla: eastern and western
Each species splits into two groups, known as subspecies. The four gorilla subspecies are eastern,

Unleash Your Creativity
With animal cardboard cutouts, the possibilities are endless. You can create your own mini zoo in your backyard, complete with cardboard big cats, elephants, and zebras. Or maybe you want to bring the jungle to your office and have a cardboard monkey swinging from the ceiling. The choice is yours!
Set the scene for your next event, party, or get-together with Howlingly Great Cardboard Cutouts for a Theme Safari.

From elephants to alligators to wolves, you can bring the wild to your home with a variety of realistic safari cutouts.
Chill With Penguins and a Polar Bear

For a chilly feel, choose from a selection of artic characters, from polar bears to penguins. Let these adventurous cardboard add to the fun!  

polar bear cardboard cutout penguin cardboard cutout

 Bring some barnyard fun to your party occasion with this playful cow! Its realistic features are sure to create a perfect setting for an animal-themed event. This cow easily couples with our sheep and pig with piglet for an engaging farmyard experience.


 Farmyard Favourites
cow cardboard cutout
Make your next event come alive with our fun and charming animal cutouts! Perfect for living room decorations, these delightful cutouts are a great way to add fun and whimsy to any themed party, birthday activities, baby shower, school event or other celebration.

Our jungle cutouts impress with vibrant animal elements to create an eye-catching and memorable effect for guests. Crafted from lightweight and durable cardboard, these animal cutouts are designed for easy transportation and set-up. With their easy assembly, these cutouts can bring any event to life in just minutes.

Produce your next event in the most unforgettable way with these fun and playful animal cutouts!

Lion Cardboard Cutout
lion cardboard cutout
Make parties unforgettable with a realistic, high-quality animal cardboard cutouts. Their solid construction and rich details make for  eye-catching decorations that will look great in any room. Plus, their lightweight design makes it easy to set up and store after use.

 zebra horse

Zebra and Horse Cardboard Cutouts

So now you know how to easily kit out the with the animal themed birthday party decorations and if that is not enough to make you smile how about a joke?

What is the difference between a zebra and a horse?
A zebra has its pyjamas on.

So, why not join the fun and bring an animal cardboard cutout into your life? Let your imagination run wild and create your own story with these quirky and lovable creatures. Who knows what adventures await?

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