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SC915 Tardis STAR MINI Cardboard Cut Out Height 95cm

SC915 Tardis STAR MINI Cardboard Cut Out Height 95cm

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TARDIS STAR MINI Cardboard Cut Out - Height 95cm

🌌 Iconic Time Machine - Bring the magic of the Doctor's iconic time machine, the TARDIS, into your space with this mini cardboard cutout.

🪐 Whimsical Décor - Whether you're a dedicated Doctor Who fan or just want to add a touch of sci-fi to your home, this TARDIS cutout is a charming addition.

📸 Photo Opportunities - Pose with the TARDIS and capture memorable moments that reflect the wonder of time travel and adventure.

🎉 Compact Size - The mini height of 95cm makes this TARDIS cutout perfect for tabletops, shelves, and small spaces.

🚀 Immerse Yourself in the Whoniverse - Feel like you're a part of the Doctor's incredible journeys through time and space.

🎁 Great Gift Idea - Surprise a fellow Doctor Who enthusiast with this unique and delightful piece of memorabilia.

💡 Convenient Setup and Storage - Easily unfold and display the TARDIS, and store it away when not in use.

🌟 Whovian Delight - Capture the essence of Doctor Who's endless possibilities and adventures with the TARDIS by your side.

🪐 Timeless Appeal - Whether you're a long-time fan of the show or just discovering its magic, the TARDIS STAR MINI Cardboard Cut Out adds a touch of sci-fi nostalgia.

🛎️ Ready for Adventures - Imagine stepping inside the TARDIS and embarking on journeys through time and space alongside the Doctor.

🌌 Unleash Your Inner Time Traveller - Let the TARDIS inspire you to dream of exciting escapades and explore the mysteries of the universe.

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