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SC007 Secret Agent Male and Female Double Cardboard Cut Out Height 172cm

SC007 Secret Agent Male and Female Double Cardboard Cut Out Height 172cm

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Introducing the Secret Agent Male and Female Black Silhouette Double Cardboard Cut Out, standing tall at a height of 172cm, these sleek and mysterious figures are ready to add an air of intrigue to your next event. 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

✔️ Dynamic Duo: With both a male and female figure in one pack, you get double the mystery and sophistication, making them perfect for spy-themed parties, movie nights, or corporate events.

✔️ Sleek Silhouettes: Cloaked in black silhouette, these cut outs exude elegance and intrigue, adding a touch of secret agent allure to any space.

✔️ Easy Assembly: Simply pop out the cut outs and place them wherever you desire, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance of your event.

✔️ Convenient Storage & Delivery: When the mission is complete, these cut outs can be folded away for easy storage or transport to your next covert operation.

✔️ Incredible Talking Point: The Secret Agent Male and Female cut outs are sure to spark conversation and curiosity among your guests, making them captivating focal points.

High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable cardboard, these cut outs are built to last, ensuring they withstand the demands of any mission.

Elevate your event with the Secret Agent Male and Female Double Cardboard Cut Out, and let the intrigue unfold as your guests immerse themselves in a world of espionage and mystery. 🎬🔍

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