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SC407 Peter Davison - Fifth Doctor Cardboard Cut Out Height 179cm

SC407 Peter Davison - Fifth Doctor Cardboard Cut Out Height 179cm

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🕒 Step into the TARDIS with the Fifth Doctor! - Introducing the SC407 Peter Davison - Fifth Doctor Cardboard Cut Out, standing at 179cm.

🎩 Embody the Elegance of the Regeneration - Capture the essence of Peter Davison's portrayal as the Fifth Doctor, known for his cricket-themed outfit and youthful charm.

🎉 Create Timeless Whovian Memories - Bring the adventures of Doctor Who to life with this life-sized cutout that's perfect for events, parties, and fan gatherings.

📸 Strike a Pose with the Doctor - Stand alongside the Fifth Doctor and relive iconic moments from his era, creating fantastic photo opportunities.

🚀 Simple Setup, Maximum Fun - Unfold and assemble your Fifth Doctor cutout with ease, transporting yourself to the Doctor's universe in an instant.

🎈 Ideal for Themed Decor - Add a touch of Time Lord flair to your living space, bedroom, or Doctor Who-themed room.

🌟 Connect with Fellow Whovians - Share your love for the Fifth Doctor and his adventures with other fans, sparking discussions and fond memories.

🎁 A Whovian's Dream Gift - Surprise a Doctor Who enthusiast with a truly unique and memorable gift that celebrates their favorite character.

🌠 Attention to Detail - The SC407 Peter Davison - Fifth Doctor Cardboard Cut Out is meticulously designed to capture the essence of the character's appearance.

Embrace the Nostalgia - Let the Fifth Doctor guide you through time and space as you relive the magic of his era with the SC407 Peter Davison - Fifth Doctor Cardboard Cut Out.

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