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Are you searching for exciting party products to dazzle your shop's customers? Look no further! We offer a superb selection of display boxes designed to showcase our fantastic range of party essentials, including masks, cardboard cutouts, and table toppers.

star cutouts display box

Introducing Star Cutouts Masks

Your gateway to a world of celebrity glamour, pop culture icons, and fantastical characters! At Star Cutouts, we proudly offer an extensive selection of masks featuring beloved personalities from Hollywood, WWE stars, iconic characters like Doctor Who and Alice in Wonderland, and many more.

Step into the Spotlight

With Star Cutouts Masks, your customers can step into the spotlight and become their favourite celebrities or fictional heroes. Whether they're looking to channel the charisma of a Hollywood A-lister, the raw power of a WWE superstar, or the whimsy of a beloved storybook character, we have the perfect mask to make their dreams a reality.

Eye-catching CDU Displays

Enhance your in-store merchandising with our eye-catching CDUs (Counter Display Units) for Star Cutouts Masks. These compact units are perfect for showcasing our masks at checkout counters, impulse buy areas, or other high-traffic zones within your shop. With their on-brand designs and tiered levels, our CDUs are guaranteed to grab the attention of passing customers and boost sales.


Mask display options

Masks Galore!

Our mask collection is unparalleled, offering a wide variety of designs to suit any occasion. Choose from our extensive range of masks, available in single SKUs or mixed packs. For convenient in-store merchandising, opt for our pre-loaded clip strips featuring 12 products per strip. Alternatively, our eye-catching CDUs (Counter Display Units) are perfect for showcasing 20 six-packs of masks in an attractive and compact format.

In Order Notes Request - Mask Clip Strip or Mask CDU* Single SKU Only

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Table Toppers - Mini Cutouts

Elevate your party setup with our captivating table toppers, designed to add a touch of magic to any event. Available in convenient shelf-ready CDUs or pre-filled clip strips, these mini cutouts are sure to cheer your customers and enhance their dining experience.

  • Outer Box dims: H 900mm x D 128mm x W 270mm
  • Contains – 12 Table Topper Packs

display box table toppers

In Order Notes Request - Table Top Clip Strip or Star Cutouts Branded CDU or Branded Table Top CDU * Single SKU Only

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Cardboard Cutouts for Retail Displays

Our cardboard cutouts are a must-have for any retail space, offering a fun and interactive way to engage customers. Available in various sizes, from small to life-sized, these cutouts are perfect for themed parties, seasonal celebrations, or imaginative play. Choose from single SKUs or branded display boxes, depending on your needs.

cardboard cutout display boxes

  • Cutouts are available in the following sizes:
    • Star Mini - Small Retail Unit for Cardboard Cutouts
    • Medium - Large Retail Unit for Cardboard Cutouts
    • Large - Large Retail Unit for Cardboard Cutout
  • 5 - 12 SKUs of the same size fill retail boxes.
  • If you require multiple SKUs box provided will be branded Star Cutouts -- Large Retail Unit for Cardboard Cutouts
  • You can request franchise branded Display see Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars and Bing examples. These must be for the same SKU.
  • 60cm x 30cm (Sizes may change depending on character)

In Order Notes Request - Small Star Cutouts FSDU (Star Mini) Or Large Star Cutouts FSDU (mixed SKUs) or Branded FSDU* Single SKU Only

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Free Merchandise Solutions

To help you create stunning in-store displays, we offer free merchandise solutions tailored to your requirements. Whether you're looking for shelf-ready CDUs or pre-filled clip strips, we've got the tools you need to showcase our products effectively.

Lead Time

For standard orders, we strive to deliver within 3 days from receipt of purchase order.

*However, if you require Branded FSDUs or CDUS, please allow 4-5 weeks for design and approval.

To order any of these, please simply type the required item in your order notes, and our team will add free of charge to your order.

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At Star Cutouts, we're committed to providing top-quality party products and outstanding display solutions to help your business thrive. Contact us today to elevate your shop's merchandising game!

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