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Star Cutouts How to Train Your Dragon 3 Stand-In Toothlless Hiccup Stormfly Nadder Astrid
From the final instalment of How to Train Your Dragon, this child size stand in provides plenty of interactive fun and experiences for customers, friends and family. With child size stand ins you can remove or keep the faces in position.

Height 130cm Width 94cm.
Star Cutouts full sized and mini cardboard cut outs are sure to create amazing events and occasions. With this huge range of cut outs you can mix and match to create unforgettable moments and magnificent memories.

For those wanting to create serious or fun situations, Star Cutouts will have the cardboard cut outs you need. Each cardboard standee from Star Cutouts is made from high-quality cardboard for durability.

We manufacture them ourselves, and all cutouts have been safety tested. Our standees fold flat for storage and transportation.

Additionally, each standee is supported by a cardboard easel, making it free-standing and easy to set up. We can print and ship your cut outs on cardboard or foamex for indoor and outdoor use, depending on your business or events needs.