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Pluto Official Disney Lifesize Cardboard Cutout Anna (Frozen) Star-Mini Elsa (Frozen) Star-Mini
Everybody's favourite cartoon dog. This cardboard cut out of Pluto is 95cm tall and 63cm wide. With Star Cutouts gigantic assortment of characters you are sure to find the cut out you need for your customers, party or events. To enhance your customers experiences inside and out choose to have your cut out created in cardboard or foamex.

All Star Cutouts products can be used to generate excitement, cause an immense sense of fun and curiosity as well as lending themselves to unforgettable images and social sharing. These cut outs can be essential gifts for fans and collectors, lending themselves to customers creating user generated content.

Each cut out has been sized to match the real life character it portrays and is developed using state of the art printing and cutting technology. Star Cutouts products are manufactured in the UK and safety tested to the highest standard.
Boba Fett Star-Mini Chewbacca Star-Mini Stormtrooper Star-Mini
Star Cutouts Darth Vader Star-Mini Star Wars Spiderman Star-Mini Star Cutouts Captain America Star-Mini Cardboard Cutout
This Star Wars Darth Vader Star Mini is 95cm Tall and 47cm Wide. This makes a great gift for fans and a brilliant party accessory.
Height 96cm Width 46cm

Wonderful mini cardboard standee of Captain America. Great for table displays, gifts and parties.
Star Cutouts SC908 Hulk Star-Mini Marvel Avengers Cardboard Cutout Ironman Star-Mini Peter Capaldi Star-Mini
Hulk loves to smash. A truly iconic and much loved comic character. Marvel's Hulk has been both hero and villain. This cardboard cutout of the Hulk measures 94cm Tall 50cm Wide
Tardis Star-Mini Dalek Caan Star-Mini Star Cutouts Shrek Star Mini Cutout
Po (Kung Fu Panda) Star-Mini Toothless Star-Mini Vacation Minion with drink Star-Mini
Height 80cm Width 60cm

Hawaiian Guitar Dave Minion Star-Mini Prison Banana Minion Star-Mini Star Cutouts Harry Potter (Star Mini)
Height 81cm Width 65cm

Height 84cm Width 60cm

This is a mini version of Harry Potter and is perfect for those who want to decorate their Harry Potter themed party or event. Bring the magic of the Wizarding World to your customers today. 92cm Tall 25cm Wide.

Professor Snape (Star Mini) Star Cutouts Star Cutouts Hermione Granger (Star Mini) Harry Potter Ron Weasley (Star Mini)
Professor Snape as played by Alan Rickamn. This is a mini cut out and is 91cm Tall 39cm Wide. Looks great on its own and when teamed with the other mini cutouts in the range.

This star mni cut out is of Harry Potter favourite Hermione Granger. Perfect for smaller display areas this cut out is 92cm Tall 21cm Wide looks fantastic on its own or with the other Harry Potter characters in the range.

92cm Tall 26cm Wide

Hagrid (Star Mini) Batman DC (Star Mini) Superman DC (Star Mini)
91cm Tall 35cm Wide

92cm Tall 44cm Wide

92cm Tall 38cm Wide

The Flash DC (Star Mini) Wonder Woman DC (Star Mini) Dr Sheldon Cooper (Star Mini)
90cm Tall 45cm Wide

92cm Tall 40cm Wide

92cm Tall 24cm Wide

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