Six Amazing Minions Cardboard Cutouts

Six Amazing Minions Cardboard Cutouts

Unveiling the Charisma of Minion Cardboard Cutouts

From the silver screen to your space, Minions have transcended their movie roles to become a global phenomenon.

These lovable characters from the acclaimed DreamWorks Universal movies have won hearts with their quirky antics and infectious enthusiasm. But did you know that you can now bring the spirit of Minions to life in your own setting?

Imagine the delight of your guests encountering life-size Minions cardboard cutouts that lend an extra dose of whimsy and excitement to your gathering. Let's dive into the enchanting world of Minion cardboard cutouts and discover how they can elevate your events to new heights.

minions cardboard cutouts


1. Carl Minion Smiling

Introducing Carl, a one-eyed minion with spiked hair, whose design journey from resembling Lord of the Rings orcs to adopting a Star Wars-inspired Jawa look makes him a unique character. With flashing lights on his head and a megaphone echoing his signature "Bee-do," Carl's vibrant energy is perfectly captured in his cardboard cutout. His joyful presence is a fantastic addition to your celebrations, infusing a spirit of merriment.

carl minions


2. Kevin Tall Minion

Meet Kevin, the unofficial leader of the Minions. Towering over his companions, Kevin's two eyes and tuft of hair make him instantly recognizable. Known for his intelligence and resourcefulness, Kevin's cardboard cutout embodies his role as a mastermind behind many memorable escapades. His towering presence at your event is bound to spark conversations and ignite curiosity.

Kevin Tall Minion Cardboard Cutout


3. Stuart Skates Minions 2

Stuart's playful nature, intelligence, and knack for video games make him a favourite among Minion enthusiasts. Originally resembling Star Wars Jawas, Stuart's evolution showcases his delightful charm. His cardboard cutout captures his essence as he skates and strums a guitar, reflecting his love for adventure and fun. With Stuart around, your event is sure to be a hub of laughter and joy.

stuart skates minion


4. Despicable Me Adult and Child Stand-In

Gru, the Minions, and Agnes have carved a special place in our hearts. The Minions' unique language, "Minionese," merges English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, adding to their enchantment. Agnes, the youngest of Gru's adopted daughters, adores unicorns despite their mythical nature. This stand-in cutout transports you and your guests into the Despicable Me universe, making memories alongside your cherished characters.

Despicable Me Stand In

5. Bob Happy Minions 2 Star Mini

Meet Bob, the youngest Minion bursting with innocence and charm. Bob's love for bananas and unwavering loyalty to Gru define his character. His cardboard cutout radiates his happiness, reminding everyone of the simple joys that warm our hearts. Bob's presence at your event promises laughter and positivity, creating an atmosphere of sheer delight.

Bob Minion


6. Otto Minions 2

Otto, a new addition from Minions: The Rise of Gru, is a chatty Minion with braces and a pet rock named Bob. His love for bananas and unique characteristics make him an intriguing part of the Minion family. Otto's cutout showcases his playful personality, making it an exciting choice to explore the latest Minion character.

otto minion


Embrace the Minion Magic

These charismatic cardboard cutouts bring the magic of Minions to life, making them an ideal addition to your events.

Whether it's a lively birthday bash, a themed party, or a casual get-together, Minion cutouts are more than just decorations – they're portals to a world of laughter and joy.

Ready to introduce these captivating characters to your event? Look no further than Starcutouts, where an array of Minion cutouts awaits.

Each cutout tells a tale of Minions' evolution, from their initial orc-inspired design to their iconic personas. Let Minion charisma take center stage at your next event, transforming it into a realm of boundless entertainment and enchantment.

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