The Magical Powers of a Cardboard Cutout

Once upon a time there was a lovely young lady who just wanted to go to her prom with David Tenant’s Doctor Who.She wished and wished and wished.Suddenly a genie appeared and offered to grant the wish.

Whoosh! Doctor Who appeared but he had a tear in his eye. He was crying, he was miserable, he was away from his family and friends.The young lady was upset. She had not wanted to upset Doctor Who.

She immediately wished for Doctor Who to go back to his companions. Whoosh the Genie granted the wish - David Tenant’s doctor left the building.The young lady cried. Who would she go to her prom night with now?

The genie knew how to fix her problems as he had a contact at trade, party & event supplier Star Cutouts – without any further ado the cut-out was ordered (at wholesale trade price) for next day delivery and whoosh – he magicked the very next best thing, a life sized cardboard cutout of Doctor Who.

Not only did the young lady have the perfect partner for her prom night, she had the perfect companion to use again and again for social sharing and party decorations.

Now the Doctor Who standee lives in the young ladies living room, ready to come out and stand-up on special occasions but they both particularly enjoy a binge watch of Doctor Who on Netflix. Series 2-4 is their favourite of course!

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Star Cutouts Print on Demand and will professionally supply your business whether you require 1 or more than a 100pcs of our licensed or bespoke characters.

We pride ourselves with the quality and quick availability of our Foamex and cardboard supplies, setting the industry standard in lifesize cardboard cut outs, masks, wall cut outs and associated products.

We are proud to produce products of the highest quality, making them perfect for publicity events, social sharing, fans, collectors, friends, family and your customers; ensuring resellers and retailers can provide their customers with the greatest products.

Star Cutouts established in 2005 is Europe’s largest dedicated distributor and manufacture of licensed cut-outs. We are the only company with such a wide range of licensed cut-outs in the market place and the manufacturing facilities in place to produce licensed ranges for distribution in the UK and Europe.

Ethical Manufacturing and Sourcing

Star Cutouts have full visibility of the entire supply chain – with all raw materials being sourced from reputable and respected suppliers. (A full list of raw material suppliers, material data sheets can be supplied if required).

We can help providers supply plastic free parties, sustainable party products and an environmentally friendly service. MINIMUM ORDER £100 PCM

All the design, converting, cutting, manufacturing and packaging are undertaken in house, by full time permanent employees on long term contracts. So those who license and retailers can rest assured their fans can enjoy an ethically sourced and relatively low carbon footprint product.