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Adult and Child Size Stand Ins aka Face in the Hole Cardboard Cutouts

Star Cutouts has the BEST range of cardboard cut out stand ins. Many designed by our incredibly talented design team, these stands ins are inspired by the most popular party themes such as casino, Vegas and Wild West.

Not only do we have a fantastic range of Star Cutouts stand ins, we also have a fabulous licensed range so little ones and adults can join in the fun. Pose as your hero or pander to your nemesis; with these fun cardboard stand ins you are sure to thrill your clients.

Use immediately to create a great interactive arena and provide your customers with the opportunity to have the perfect party. Stand Ins come in two main sizes, adult and child. All stand ins are free standing and arrive folded for easy storage and transportation.

We can create bespoke stand ins and personalise face in the hole cutouts for your party or event.

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