Professor McGonagall (Harry Potter)
Professor McGonagall (Harry Potter)


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Professor McGonagall (Harry Potter) 189cm tall 58cm wide comes with free table top cut out. The story of Harry Potter is loved and cherished by millions. It is easy to see why. So many people have grown up with the Harry Potter characters, we feel we know them and we are part of their magical universe. All the characters are instantly recognisable. With this incredible Wizarding World lifesize cardboard cutout you can be assured of quality. Approved by Warner Bros. and J.K Rowling, this official Harry Potter Collectors Item is an amazing iconic image and for those who have always wanted to meet the characters.

  • Free standing and made from high quality durable cardboard.

    Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts

    Easy to assemble.

    Folds away for easy storage.

    Fast, efficient delivery.

    Looks great standing in the window or pinned to wall!

    Great for PR Stunts, Film and television, Charity fundraisers and events.