Olympic Games Stand-In
Olympic Games Stand-In Lifesize


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Product Code: SC362

Height 195cm Width 98cm
An easy way to create fun lasting memories. Adults and children can both enjoy having their photo taken with a stand in cut out. Stand In cut outs have the face hole removed, these can be replaced before and after use. Each one of our cardboard cutouts is made from durable cardboard. We manufacture them in-house using state-of-the-art laser cutting and printing technology to ensure you receive top-quality cardboard cutouts. As a trade-only website, we work with you to ensure your customers’ and end-customers’ satisfaction.
  • Free standing, easy to assemble, use immediately
  • Official lifesize cutouts stand as tall as the star they portray
  • Huge range of Star Cutouts products available for fans of all ages and fandoms
  • Great for fans, customers, collectors, friends and family
  • All cardboard standees arrive folded for easy transportation and storage