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Halloween Cardboard Cutouts and Masks

Halloween cardboard cutouts and masks including Freddy Kreuger and Mickey Mouse! We are sure to have the Halloween supplies to give your party or event a screamingly good time. All lifesize cardboard cutouts are free standing, easy to assemble and make an amazing display to wow customers, guests and clients. To really make a difference can be displayed in the window or pinned to the wall to attract attention and get customers in the mood to party.

If you are looking for a unique way to attract new business or just simply want to join in the fun of Halloween then these lifesize, mini, stand ins and silhouette cardboard cut outs are sure to be what you need. Star Cutouts has all the spooky and scary adult and children's characters from films and television. For the children there are great shadow play Silhouette Cardboard Cutouts, Mickey Mouse as well as our own skeleton and mummy stand ins. For the adults and those who love the enjoy horror, Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers are sure to provide the perfect jump scare.

There is no minimum order quantity and with an amazing selection of spooktacular scary masks, this Halloween you can revel in the midnight madness.

All masks are provided with tabs and elastics.
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