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Christmas Party Decorations UK & Europe

Use Star Cutouts yuletide standees for the festive season and to decorate winter wonderlands every day of the year.
Find easy Office Christmas Props, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Trees which your customers and guests will fall in love with and the best Staff Christmas Party ideas.
Our lifesize cardboard cutouts will delight Scrooge and create an instant Christmas Grotto experience for the Work’s Christmas Party with popular favourites Santa with Sack of Toys, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Snowmen Stand In.
Children will love our Nativity Decorations and cute Disney Minnie, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck singing Christmas Carols. Adults can become Father Christmas or Mrs Christmas with our brilliant stand ins and masks.
And with Christmas Buddy from Elf and Frozen Party Decorations you can be sure to give every Christmas Film fan a very Merry Christmas.

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Christmas Cardboard Cutouts UK & Europe
Star Cutouts is the U.K. and Europe’s premier manufacturer of seasonal cardboard cutouts for every occasion. Customers and store owners alike enjoy decorating for holidays, whether staging holiday tableaus with Father Christmas cutouts, phot booth props, or creating in-store theatre throughout the year with standees of other holiday characters.

This Christmas season, provide your customers with the finest Christmas cutouts the UK has to offer. Shop the full collection of Star Cutouts for every season. Order today!