Cello Musical Theme Cardboard Cutout
Star Cutouts Cello Musical Theme Cardboard Cutout


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Often associated with good times in Ireland, this cello is a fantastic cardboard cut out to use in displays. However it is not only the Irish his cardboard stand up of a harp is sure to get crowds talking and posing with it. If you have ever wanted to be a professional cello player, now you can pretend you are.

All the details are intricate and the shine on the cut out looks so real.

Made from strong durable cardboard this is a sturdy cut out and even comes with a free table top cut out so you have an extra piece of decoration at your events.

All our cardboard cut outs come folded for easy storage and transportation. If you would like cut outs for outdoor use, please contact us as we can create these on a bespoke version of foamex for your individual needs.

We can also personalise our cut outs.

Height 121cm Width 41cm
  • Free standing and made from high quality durable cardboard.

    Lifesize Cardboard Cut out

    Easy to assemble.

    Folds away for easy storage.

    Fast, efficient delivery.

    Looks great standing in the window or pinned to wall!

    Great for new product launches, nightclubs, publicity events and gifting.