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Lifesize cardboard cutouts, masks and wall cutouts transform your life for the better, event and customer offering enhancing any party, product launch, corporate event or exhibition.

With Star Cutouts products 2019 brings about a wealth of opportunities for you and your customers to enjoy their fandom, parties, festivals, collections, celebrations and cultural occasions more than ever.

Heading into the festival season, Star Cutouts range of celebrities will take centre stage. These lifesize and mini cut outs are perfect for parties, gifting and events, and our Big Heads and masks are sure to create an impression, making their way into news stories and more.

The summer will have adults and children loving The Lion King live action remake, cooing at cute Simba and reenergise the love for all things jungle. Another sure fire hit is Toy Story 4 and old and new fans will revel in nostalgia and incredible animation. These products make the perfect party piece or long treasured memorabilia for fans.

Check out our sporting celebrities and themed Photo Stand Ins and Props for the perfect accompaniment to the season of summer sport including the WWE Universal Championship. Father’s Day is another summer seasonal highlight, and considering 2019 is the year of the Bat, ensure all best dads have the opportunity to decorate their man cave with our amazing selection of Batman andDC Comics products.

Autumn brings the spookiest time with the ever increasing popularity of Halloween Parties, dressing up in masks, decorating the party with Freddie Kreuger or posing as a Mummy in a Photo Stand-In. With Blockbuster films such as IT in the spotlight, prepare for terrifying clowns, evil Devil’s, Zombies, Monsters and Ghouls to set the sales records in 2019.

Finally end the year on a high with Disney’s Frozen 2. Anna, Elsa and Olaf return, these characters are rooted into the hearts of millions and are sure to be the most in demand winter accessory this year – sure to keep Frozen cut-outs and masks in demand during the magic of Christmas.

If all that wasn’t enough then watch out for the return of Star Wars Episode 9. The film will be directed by fan favourite JJ Abrams and as the final instalment in the trilogy will be sure to surpass The Last Jedi’s 1.3 billion dollar box office. The film will unite older fans feeling the power of the force as well as younger fans wanting new Star Wars characters to attend their party!

As a European manufacturer supplying trade only accounts we are committed to supplying top-quality, durable products tested fully to all European safety regulations. Star Cutouts manufacture our products in-house, we have total visibility into what our products are made out of and how the materials are sourced. Star Cutouts products are made out of cardboard and paper which can be recycled easily, meaning you can be sure of an ethically sourced and responsible product.

With Star Cutouts incredible range of life size and mini cutouts, Photo Stand-Ins, wall cutouts, masks, table tops and more you are sure to find the products you need to create the best 2019 for your retail offering, delighting your customers and clients. If you can't find a character or cut-out that you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 3445839 or orders@starcutouts.com.